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Operating Lamp


1. Award patented high efficient reflecting LED, light wont irradiate directly so that will not hurt medical personnel and patients.
2. Award patented heat sink structure effectively ease the LED heat exhaustion occurs, improve luminous efficiency and ensure LED life. Lowest heat to light ratio: 2.2mw/Tlux. K6 illuminance 160,000Lux/1M only consume 36W. (K3 illuminance 70,000Lux/1M, 18W). Truly achieve carbon reduction.
3. Lampshade use Polycarbonate wont brittle rupture and almost 100% UV blocking, K6 has imbedded 4760 convex lens (K3 has 1600 convex lens) can avoid medical personnel and patients eyes hurt from prolonged glare.
4. Color temperature is optimized at 4300XK (3800XK optional) Stable standard white light, High Color Rendering Indes Without distortion (CRI 924).
5. K6 has two arm can choice: Standard Spring Arm, Europe Spring Arm. (K3 only Standard Spring Arm)
6. K6 has two video camera system can choice: Camera is build in lamp type, Camera is outside sets type. (K3 dont have video camera system)
7. K6 has two video camera can choice: SD (standard-definition), HD (High-definition). (K3 dont have video camera)