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Simple Operating Table
AS-700 Series

The AS-700 series has many kinds of functions to supply the choice

Is the high quality, and with real economic benefit tables. It is especially suitable for Ophthalmologic and Orthopedics operations. Have AS-701 type, AS-702 type, AS-703 type, AS-704 type etc. selectivity.
And has many kinds of optional functions: Functions are changeable by desires. (Such as electric brake system, lateral tilt, trendelenburg etc....), Head section and leg section are moveable, Both of sides can add rails, arm board, shoulder supporter, lateral supporters, leg crutches etc..., Control Box function, Table top can be widened or divided into 4 sections. (Head section, back section, seat section, leg sections).
This series of tables are designed and made in high rigid structure, with terrific stable performance. It can let the ophthalmologic and orthopedics operations, get the most consummate insurance.
The mattress is movable, so the Hand Rest of Head Section for Doctor is very easy to insert and to set up.

There is plenty space under the table to go with other instruments setting and operating.

There is a back angle adjustment function in AS-702. It can make proper adjustments for positions in operations. It also offers a great assistance to help some weak people get off after the operations.

The Hand Rest of Head Section for Doctor (ACT-037) is an optional accessory. It can increase stable performance and reduce weariness when doctor are doing operations.