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Delivery Table

AD-980 Multi-Purpose Gynecology & Obstetric Table

It is up-to-date multi-purpose table that can be use for delivery, surgery and gynecology examination.
The auxiliary table is concealed in the table, sitting and lying position is suitable for deliver. It will be an operation table immediately, without moving the patient in case of necessary.
Its main structure made of Stainless Steel, which is durable and easy maintenance and cleaning, rigid and long life. The rust-proof effect is very good in the similar products. And has many kinds of optional functions: The shape of seat section can be changed from concave to raised shape; The thickness of mattress can be changed from 4 cm to 8 cm; Auxiliary table can be extended 10 cm; Trend function may changed to seat adjustment; Table width in 60 -85cm may selective purchase; Two sides of the back section can add lateral screens.