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AG-800 series Multi-Choice satisfied your demand.
The AG-800 series, multi-purpose examining tables provide great versatility and expansion options. With its standard accessories the table is an ideal examination table and can be applied to serve as a Gynecology table & Obstetric table or Proctology table or Urodynamics table by adding some appropriate optional accessories. It is the roll of clinical tissue housed under the seat section, and this allows easy replacement of the issue to manage the infection control. The AG800 series is available in four different configurations, which makes it suitable for a number of different applications and budgets. Conforms to practical and the economical principle. And has many kinds of optional accessories, Delivery tray; Handles of waist side; Auxiliary table; Contaminations basin & bucke; Changeable foot pedal (for Urodynamic); Spot lightĦBProctology Basin (for Proctology); Urine collection Basin (for Urodynamic)